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It Is One Of The Calmest Days

It is one of the calmest days Sea rolls by Memories raised to honour with a different purpose. The chief is an imposing structure, Closely following the contours of the shore toward the open sea. More than an idea Look inside… Continue Reading →

Précis: The Viewpoints of 1812

The British View the War of 1812 Quite Differently Than Americans Do This article by Amanda Foreman poses an interesting perspective on how history is different depending on who is telling the story – one of the big ideas I… Continue Reading →

Reconciliation: Repairing, Returning, and Restoring Relationships

Why Is Reconciliation Important? The first socials blog post of Grade 10 has finally arrived! This one’s jumping straight into the heart of it all – connecting big ideas to specific situations, recognizing my goals for this year, and finding… Continue Reading →

Rapping My Way Through Socials 9

Our socials final was basically one last wrap up, one last statement – our story. I didn’t want to have a super structured presentation with exact points laid out, I wanted “flow.” And with flow comes rap, no? Well… probably… Continue Reading →

TALONS is an Emerging Society (Socials Midterm)

Hey guys! Below you’ll find my Socials Midterm, in the form of a video. Hope you enjoy  

The English Civil War In All It’s Religious Glory

Now, after reading a couple articles and watching a few videos, I have acquired a very basic understanding of the English Civil War. An aspect that always seems to be correlated into historic events, and one that interests me greatly,… Continue Reading →

Economy in East Asia

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue – but you can check out more about that here. Instead of focusing on the genocidal doings, let’s take a look at what was happening on the other side of the world, and… Continue Reading →

Why These Questions Are Unanswerable, and Why That’s A Good Thing

Let’s talk about some of the provocative questions I came up with in class, along with my classmates in our discussion group.   Why is “normal” something we strive for? – We all know for a fact that every single… Continue Reading →

When Cultures Conflict

To achieve any goal, progress is an obvious necessity. However, when your goal involves another party (like the Arawaks when trying to enslave them and collect gold), things can get complicated. Culture (more so, cultural differences) plays a big role in… Continue Reading →

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