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In-Depth 2017

Listening, Embracing, Inquiring – In-Depth 2017 #4 (Week 6/7)

Since last post, I’ve had two singing lessons where I have made lots of progress, attended songwriting workshops, and recorded the main melody and ukulele accompaniment for an upcoming cover even though I wasn’t able to post one in February…. Continue Reading →

Connecting and Responding – In-Depth 2017 #3 (Week 4/5)

Things are finally getting into motion! My first singing lesson went incredibly well, and has gotten me excited for the course of this project … as well as beyond! I had met my mentor briefly before as stated in my last… Continue Reading →

Agreeing, Disagreeing, Differing – In-Depth 2017 #2 (Week 2/3)

Gaining momentum in my project has been a bit slower this time around, but that is okay! I am still making sure progress, and I am anticipating a pickup soon after getting through these first few obstacles. Previous mentor plans… Continue Reading →

The Expansion Project – In-Depth 2017 #1 (Week 1)

I’m incredibly excited for this year’s In-Depth project! This blog post in entitled “The Expansion Project” because of how much I enjoyed my project last year and how motivated I am to take it to the next level! Last year, I just… Continue Reading →

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