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In-Depth 2016

Anticipation + Final Video! – In-Depth #7 (Week 20)

In-Depth night is in 24 HOURS! I could not be more nervous and excited at the same time. Performance wise, I think Jackson and I are ready! I’m excited to see how tomorrow night goes. Anyway, the main reason I… Continue Reading →

Assessing Progress – In-Depth #6 (Week 16)

I cannot believe there is only a month left until In-Depth Night! Committee work and project wrapping up has really reminded me that there’s only about 30 left until I have to showcase what I’ve done! Luckily, I have a… Continue Reading →

Learning in the Moment – In-Depth #5 (Week 12)

It’s been four weeks since my last post, but I’ve been making lots of progress! I have uploaded two new covers since my last post. I’m still aiming for ten total covers by In-Depth night, and I currently have five…. Continue Reading →

Enabling! – In-Depth #4 (Week 8)

I think I’m really starting to get into the swing of things! I have gone through the stages of preparing, where I chose my mentor, met with her, and set my goals. We have negotiated by defining what our relationship is… Continue Reading →

Adjusting, Accustoming, Achieving – In-Depth #3 (Week 6)

It’s been a VERY eventful two weeks! I’ve made some real progress that I’m genuinely really proud of. My YouTube channel is officially up and running, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! This is what it looks like… Continue Reading →

Gaining Momentum – In-Depth #2 (Week 4)

These first four weeks have been amazing so far and have really progressed my learning, getting me even more hyped for what’s to come! The biggest milestone for me in these last few weeks has been attending my first private singing… Continue Reading →

It’s the Start of Something New – In-Depth #1 (Week 1)

It’s a new year, and a new chance to pursue your passion, or spark interest in a new one! For my in-depth project, I will be focusing on singing. This isn’t something entirely new for me. I’ve had a passion for singing… Continue Reading →

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