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Eminent 2016

BibBLOGraphy 2.0

Here’s an overview of the sources I used that proved to be very beneficial to my study on Mastani: 1. Mastani (Wikipedia Page) This article touched on a brief overview of her entire life, and what her skills were. It contained categories… Continue Reading →

My Second and Last NotN

It seemed like it would never happen or that it would go on forever, but here we are. The eminent person project is officially and completely over. Seeing the grade 10’s last year work so hard and put themselves on that stage… Continue Reading →

Mastani’s Lament

I already did a document of learning, but I thought I’d post my grade 10 eminent speech on here anyway, just as a memory! This was in the context of when she was placed under literal house arrest (shackled to… Continue Reading →

DoL – Plans In The Works

Taking into account all my goals and aspirations for this project (strutting my culture, uniquely embodying her in every aspect), I’ve been letting the gears in my head turn in hopes of them producing innovative ideas. Thankfully, my gears have proved… Continue Reading →

Behind Bollywood – My Interview With Pranav Kaintura

This year, my interview proved to be a very seamless and easy process, and for that I am thankful! The hardest part was definitely thinking of the dominant focus and purpose of my interview. I knew there would hardly be… Continue Reading →

Mastani – More Than a Mistress

New year, new eminent project! As always, I hope this project can lead me down new academic paths and aid me in my journey of learning things about myself as well as my eminent person previously unbeknownst to me. This year,… Continue Reading →

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