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Creative Cognition: A Symphony

  I can’t believe this is the final project of the year! Getting to this point has been a crazy journey, but that’s for another blog post! Researching, writing and producing this TEDTalk was a very new experience for me,… Continue Reading →

She Was Born to be a Teacher – Leadership Interview

The numbers in brackets [e.g. (0:25)], are the times in the interview. In the embedded SoundCloud player, you can click on that time frame and listen to what I was referring to.   For this leadership project, I decided to… Continue Reading →

Why These Questions Are Unanswerable, and Why That’s A Good Thing

Let’s talk about some of the provocative questions I came up with in class, along with my classmates in our discussion group.   Why is “normal” something we strive for? – We all know for a fact that every single… Continue Reading →

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