September 9, 1864

Things are finally moving. The first conference on confederation has wrapped up just today, in a quaint place called Charlottetown. George E. and I let them have their fun on the first day – putting names to faces, mindlessly socializing, and just introducing ourselves to one another. However, we had very clear intentions and we knew that we could shift the focus from the Maritime union to Canadian confederation as a whole. On the second day, we took action and clearly laid out what we had in mind.

I’m a lawyer and an intellectual – I knew how to get them on our side. We outlines all the plans, ideations, concepts, and positive aspects that we had in mind for confederation. George and I make a fine duo, and we could see excitement and intrigue rise in the crowd as we spoke. We made it a “conversation,” except this conversation had winners. We changed the consensus from “eventually” to “the very near future.” This nation has so much potential, so much power just waiting to be honed. As the conference progressed, we got into specifics. Alexander Galt talked finance while George Brown took the lead on the touchy subject of division of power. They are fine men, and the amount of faith I put in them was rightly so.

Managing all these voices has not been an easy feat, however. Though the general idea isn’t causing too many conflicts, everyone’s wants differ. “What do we get from it?” they all say. If only they could see what I see, the potential Canada can unlock once we are independent. Yet we mustn’t forget about their wants, for appeal is key. We’ll shine light on equality for the French-Canadians, protection and security for the Maritimes, connection to Britain for all the loyalists, and the promise not to resemble America. Their civil war is a scare to us all, but if we pull through with unity I do not see a civil uprising in our future – not if I can help it.

Earlier today, a conclusion was reached. Confederation as a whole is seen as a benefit to our future, and seems like it can materialize if we continue to please everyone. The Maritime union was put off (thankfully), and we are ready to delve into the details. I am sure we can unite, come together, and empower one another.

I know I can do it.