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March 2017

Movement in the Right Direction ~John A. Macdonald

September 9, 1864 Things are finally moving. The first conference on confederation has wrapped up just today, in a quaint place called Charlottetown. George E. and I let them have their fun on the first day – putting names to faces, mindlessly… Continue Reading →

Listening, Embracing, Inquiring – In-Depth 2017 #4 (Week 6/7)

Since last post, I’ve had two singing lessons where I have made lots of progress, attended songwriting workshops, and recorded the main melody and ukulele accompaniment for an upcoming cover even though I wasn’t able to post one in February…. Continue Reading →

No Time To Lose ~John A. Macdonald

March 29, 1850 Isabella’s ill – very ill. This didn’t stop her from creating another human, however. His name is Hugh, but I can’t help but feel like he was born out of fear. I still miss John. I haven’t been seeing much… Continue Reading →

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