Gaining momentum in my project has been a bit slower this time around, but that is okay! I am still making sure progress, and I am anticipating a pickup soon after getting through these first few obstacles.

Previous mentor plans had fallen apart due to various reasons, so last week I realized I had to book my singing lessons earlier than expected and get my singing teacher to be my formal mentor instead. Though she will not facilitate music production, my research essay taught me a lot on how to get started with music production independently, and I believe that having a mentor for singing is the foundation for this project anyway. Sadly, my singing teacher from last year has stopped doing private singing lessons this year as her schedule just does not allow it, so finding a new teacher is another obstacle I had to overcome. We searched around and after looking at various places, we decided to book my first singing lesson with Jessica at Tom Lee!

My first singing lesson however could not be booked in time for that week which is why this post is coming in so late (extension granted). It was supposed to be tomorrow, and that’s when I would write this post talking about Edward de Bono’s habits relating to agreement, disagreement, and differentiation. Unfortunately, due to the snow, I found out this very morning that my teacher had cancelled classes for tomorrow and I would have no choice but to start next Sunday. I realized that nothing could be done to change this, so I may as well write this blog post now around the small interaction we have had so far and my progress in the past 2-3 weeks. I apologize for the late post, mentor decisions, and criminal record check, but sometimes these situations just can’t be avoided.


Anyway, our first interaction still did kickstart this project well when I physically went it to Tom Lee to book it, meet her, and discuss my singing journey. Fortunately, Jessica was there the day of and I could talk to her there and then about this project, my/her concerns, and where this will lead me. This discussion is where Edward de Bono’s first three aspects came into play.

Right off the bat, we had much to genuinely agree upon. I am aware of the fact that she is going to be my mentor and that she has much to say about the subject matter – neither of our ego’s should get in the way of this. When I told her about this project, it was really interesting to see how much she instantly loved the concept and how willing she was to be a part of it. We both have our own opinions on how it will benefit me, as she sees the more technical side of it, but our values overlap very complimentary to one another! It makes it more interesting to have a difference of opinion in some cases, though it does differ from simply disagreeing with an opinion. In terms of disagreement, there were no major conflicts. Apart from her wanting to focus on the very technical aspect of singing, I let her know that I worked really well with my last year’s teacher because she let me explore emotion and meaning behind songs. It was helpful to back my statement up with previous experience, and then she seemed to understand better. I made sure to be polite and gentle, though. We both accepted this slight difference in philosophy, but I am very glad I told her as she said she will try her best to incorporate that aspect into our lessons. She appreciates this and told me she looks forward to working with me and guiding me in this journey of development.

Though I am a little disappointed that my entire project was delayed by about two weeks, I am thoroughly looking forward to next Sunday to start up my lessons again – I’ve really missed them!

In terms of progress, I have been making lots on my own, even mentor-less for the time being. On January 18th, I uploaded my first cover as an official part of this project! It was much like my ones last year – except for the key point that makes this an entirely new project. For the first time, instead of editing the video and audio directly together, I took my first stab at GarageBand! I imported the isolated audio and recorded myself singing harmonies on top of the verse melody! This was a really exciting thing to do, and went smoother than expected. The hardest part was actually coming up with the harmonies, but luckily what I learned from last year’s In-Depth came in handy! I came up with the harmonies, created a new track, and recorded direct audio of my voice overtop the previously recorded melody. I am really proud with the final result, where you can watch here.

It’s a cover of The Moon Song by Karen O, one of my favourites. It holds a special place in my heart because it was one of the first songs I learned to play on ukulele, and I also sang it as a dedication to Emma MacDonald on her birthday last year. <3
I’m really proud of how I managed to balance the two vocal tracks well, and I’m excited to keep doing this! I also changed the layout of my thumbnails, and I love the new design.


I also created a new channel banner/logo for myself!


I’m really happy with how this project is shaping up to look like, and I’m excited to start real mentoring next week!