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February 2017

Précis: The Viewpoints of 1812

The British View the War of 1812 Quite Differently Than Americans Do This article by Amanda Foreman poses an interesting perspective on how history is different depending on who is telling the story – one of the big ideas I… Continue Reading →

Connecting and Responding – In-Depth 2017 #3 (Week 4/5)

Things are finally getting into motion! My first singing lesson went incredibly well, and has gotten me excited for the course of this project … as well as beyond! I had met my mentor briefly before as stated in my last… Continue Reading →

Reconciliation: Repairing, Returning, and Restoring Relationships

Why Is Reconciliation Important? The first socials blog post of Grade 10 has finally arrived! This one’s jumping straight into the heart of it all – connecting big ideas to specific situations, recognizing my goals for this year, and finding… Continue Reading →

Agreeing, Disagreeing, Differing – In-Depth 2017 #2 (Week 2/3)

Gaining momentum in my project has been a bit slower this time around, but that is okay! I am still making sure progress, and I am anticipating a pickup soon after getting through these first few obstacles. Previous mentor plans… Continue Reading →

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