I’m incredibly excited for this year’s In-Depth project! This blog post in entitled “The Expansion Project” because of how much I enjoyed my project last year and how motivated I am to take it to the next level! Last year, I just focused on singing. This year, I want to make things out of that newfound skill! I’m always craving to be creating, so this year’s goals and visions are incredibly relevant towards my own personal goals and visions.

This year, I will be creating. Creating songs, creating backing tracks, creating music that makes me proud of myself. The two main branches of this year’s project are Music Production & Songwriting. It seems like a large overall branch to take on, but songwriting is something I have dabbled in before and most of my learning will be going on in the music production side of things. I just want to be able to apply my newfound music production skills into original songs so that it is truly something I can call my own. I chose this because it is something that will stay with me long after In-Depth is over!

Music and singing are huge passions of mine and I don’t ever see myself stopping. I want to take advantage of every opportunity to get better and keep challenging myself, and In-Depth is perfect for that. Giving myself one more shot on the stage, one more showcase of original work, one more shove out of my comfort zone is never a bad thing! I will keep taking these opportunities in my many years to come, and I get excited just thinking about where it could take me. To get into more specifics, I will still be using my pre-existing YouTube channel that I made for last year’s project. I will be using that as my outlet to publish produced covers and eventually one fully produced original song! That is the ultimate task, but also the task that will let me achieve my goal and live my vision. That fully produced original song will be the performance I give on stage at In-Depth Night. In fact, my performance itself may include a bit of a surprise!

That brings me to my mentor. Last year, my mentor was my singing teacher, Angie Sawyer. Unfortunately, Angie has stopped doing lessons this year due to personal reasons. If my Plan A does not work, my new mentor will be the new singing teacher I get hopefully later this month at Music Box, located in New West. Speaking of Plan A – let me tell you about the ideal situation and the surprise it could bring to my performance. If everything works out, my mentor could very well be Gleneagle alumni and singing expert Michael Kim! We’ve kept in touch since he graduated, and he loved coming to In-Depth anyways so he was very excited when I first proposed this idea to him! If everything does work out, I was thinking about how my final performance could really be something special.

My current goal is to be able to write a completely original song (lyrics, melody, chords) for me to sing and have a self-produced backing track for me to sing along to. That in itself would be amazing for me to do by my standards, but my idea that I was talking to Michael about could end up being a highlight on the stage! If I can, I would like to be able to edit my future  original song into a duet and have Michael up on stage with me singing it! He is such an incredible singer, the crowd would surely be in for a treat. That vision excites me so much, and I cannot wait to see where this project takes me.