I already did a document of learning, but I thought I’d post my grade 10 eminent speech on here anyway, just as a memory!

This was in the context of when she was placed under literal house arrest (shackled to the walls of the palace), expressing her anger and bravery towards the situation. I decided She was capable of rising above it all. After all, she is a true warrior.


Yodha hoon.
I am a true warrior. Be it a stone I stumble upon, the hand instinctively draws the sword.
This time around, I have evidently drawn my sword on a mistake. I did not place myself in these shackles, but my passion led to actions treated as nothing more than sanctions, and I’ve been punished for my own attraction. I’ve been seized by my own husband’s family, thrashed for having a different heritage – I have never been accepted here.
I’ve been housed with whores because of where I come from, and when I finally had a place to call home, it became the only place I could ever be in. Yet being put on literal house arrest is more than just being a prisoner in your own home, it is being an intruder with your wrists tied together – I have never been this helpless, but I have never been this brave either.
I am lionhearted, I have imparted the heroine I am to all who may cross, I have started something much bigger than the palace I’ve been shackled to. Religion does not confine me, come and find me on the border of my two splitting roots. People may say Islam and Hinduism don’t mix. I say love is a chemical compound that reacts with everything.
I am no stranger to fighting my own battles. I’ve been training like a warrior since I was a child, there are swords hung on my walls so that I fall into my dreams still fighting. But spear-throwing and horse-riding are but simple tasks in the face of where I am now – this is what I’ve been preparing for.
Kiski talvaar pe sar rakhu ye bata do mujhe, Ishq karna agar khata ha to saza do mujhe.
I lay my life at the sword of thee. If love is a crime, then punish me.


I decided to include Hindi dialogue from the actual movie as part of this, in an effort to emphasize the goal of strutting my culture on stage.

It was an emotional performance, and being on that stage was incredible.