I cannot believe there is only a month left until In-Depth Night!
Committee work and project wrapping up has really reminded me that there’s only about 30 left until I have to showcase what I’ve done!

Luckily, I have a plan. Jackson and I are planning to do a performance together on the night of! Since his topic is beatboxing and mine is singing, they blend together quite seamlessly. Each person gets two minutes on stage, so our whole set will be just about four minutes.

We already have two songs in mind that we can cut to be about two minutes each! The first one will be an a cappella performance – a raw cut down version of Sia’s Elastic Heart. We have met up to practice before school three times already, and it sounds pretty good if I do say so myself! Our second planned song is Skinny Love by Birdy. We will most likely have the piano instrumental track backing us while he does a more subtle beatbox along to it, since it is a slower ballad.

I think these two songs are a great way to showcase both of our talents that we’ve been working on. Personally, both these songs are WAY outside my comfort zone – but that’s what makes this interesting! I don’t usually sing either or these genres, but this will really prove to myself and others how much I have improved my skill, range, and versatility; all goals I had at the beginning of this project. The hype is increasing as the days roll by, and I’m really excited to perform with him!

As for progress, I’ve been maintaining my momentum. I now have a totally of seven videos up, and 65 subscribers! Only three covers away from my goal, I’m sure I can meet it by May 30th!

I have uploaded two covers since my last blog post, the first one being a collaboration! This was between Jordan, Melanie and I. We did Count on Me by Bruno Mars. Jordan played the ukulele while Melanie and I sang along. I actually had a lot of fun making this one, and they’re both so talented! This also contributed to all three of our projects, so it was a win win win!

The next one was a solo, Rules by Jayme Dee. I’ve loved this song for a really long time, and found a cool way to get the tone of the song across by the way I picked the ukulele strings. Making covers gets easier, more fun, and more comfortable each time I make one! It’s a great feeling, and I’m really starting to visibly see how much I’ve improved over the past few months.

I’ve also been working on getting myself out there more! I applied for the City of Coquitlam’s event in Youth Week, Friday Night Live. I sent them a link to my channel, and I got in!! The talent showcase is this coming Friday, May 6th, and I’m beyond excited! This will be my longest set (15 minutes) as well, so it’s nerve-racking at the same time. It should be a great experience!

I hope I get to see all my hard work pay off in a month’s time. :)