It’s been four weeks since my last post, but I’ve been making lots of progress! I have uploaded two new covers since my last post. I’m still aiming for ten total covers by In-Depth night, and I currently have five. It’s a bit of a long-shot, but I believe I can do it! I took a bit of a break from In-Depth over spring break, anyway. My singing teacher had no classes running for two weeks, and I just recorded one cover.

It was a cover of Human by Gabrielle Aplin, and Anika featured in it! I had a lot of fun doing a cover of a song that I really love with one of my best friends, who’s insanely talented. It was my first cover with piano accompaniment, and we played around with harmonies as well! That was something I don’t do very often, but I’m glad I’m experimenting. It got great feedback, too! It’s also nice to have a change of setting once in a while.

My second cover was Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez. This song was just me and my ukulele, and I loved it. Nazlie actually filmed this cover, so a big thanks to her! It is actually part of her short film/documentary premiering TOMORROW – Swing Wilder. I was so honoured to be a part of it! She wanted to capture us doing what we love most and showcasing our passion, so she recorded a video of me singing a song I love with my ukulele! She kindly let me use this video as a cover, which was great.

As you can see, my thumbnails all have a similar template. They use a screenshot from the video with a colour that “matches” the song overlayed on it, and the title of the song in the middle. I wanted to add some flair to my channel, and it actually looks great!

Currently in singing lessons, I am working on two songs. We have moved on from Unexpected Song and are now working on Scarborough Fair (like I stated in my previous post) and just this week she introduced On a Slow Boat to China.



My mentor, Angie Sawyer, has been a very good teacher. With only half an hour classes a week, I have already grown so much and it has only ignited my passion more. She has been a support, a challenger, and a visionary. She makes the learning environment a safe and welcoming place, filled with respect and trust.

She provides with with lots of new learning opportunities. Every song we choose pushes me more and more outside my comfort zone. I love being able to challenge myself and sing genres I wouldn’t normally sing! Even with the song itself, we do so much with it. We experiment with some alterations, we add theatrics, we just delve really deep and get the most learning as we can from one song! She also lets me have a say in the song choice, too, so it’s not completely one-sided. She will take my thoughts into consideration, come up with options, and we will choose a song together. She introduces new warm-ups each week that I record so I can practice them at home. I’m constantly absorbing new information.
There are so many opportunities that exist that can better me as a singer and a learner. There is always room for improvement, as Angie says. I can always be making more covers, doing more warm ups – even searching for more performance opportunities around the community! If I invest myself, I can be doing even more than I am now. I am just starting out, however, and will take it slow as of yet. But I have no doubt in my mind that I will take this to the next level in the future!

During our lessons, there’s not a lot of leeway in time to talk without structure. When we talk, it’s mostly her talking to me about what I can do to improve. She is my singing teacher, after all, and we do have a teacher-student relationship. We still always make a point to re-cap, summarize, and ask questions at the end of the class to make sure I know where I am in that point in time. During lessons, we start with ten minutes of voice warmup. From detached hum’s to attached ah’s, tongue twisters and triads, she makes sure my voice is completely ready to go. I then sing the songs I’m currently working on, adding on any feedback I had gotten the week before. She gives me really good feedback each week, so I know exactly what I need to work on! It’s specific, focused, and has wisdom in it. I always ask for it and she always delivers it. It keeps me on track.

We have very good communication in our relationship. From the beginning, that has always been our #1 priority. We both agreed it is the foundation for any good relationship, and we always re-address that. She makes sure I am okay with everything we’re doing and I always tell her if I’m not. She checked in with me regularly and it just makes everything go smoother. Through all our interactions, we learn more about each other. I learn her teaching habits, she becomes familiar with how I learn. We use this information to adapt better to each other, and make this teaching/learning experience the best that it can be. I also learn more about her backstory through little things she mentions from time to time. I’ve learned she used to be a full on performer but became a teacher when she settled down to have a family. She asks me questions about what’s been going on lately and is supportive of all of my other extracurriculars.


All in all, I am very much enjoying this mentoring relationship and implementing the skills I learn into my cover. My passion burns brighter everyday, and I love what I’m doing. I am loving learning in this moment.