It’s been a VERY eventful two weeks! I’ve made some real progress that I’m genuinely really proud of.

My YouTube channel is officially up and running, and I couldn’t be more excited about it!
This is what it looks like to a new visitor:

I have also uploaded TWO videos, the first videos ever to be on my channel!
The first one is a cover of “La Vie En Rose” by Cristin Milioti, and I sang along with my ukulele.

I’m almost at 500 views, and my friends have been really supportive about it! They’ve been liking, commenting, subscribing and sharing – it means the world to me. The second video is a cover of “Be My Forever” by Christina Perri feat. Ed Sheeran, and it was actually a collab! I asked Benedict Mendes to sing it with me (since its a duet), and he was more than happy to! I played along with my guitar, and it turned out really well.

You can check out my channel at :)

I feel like I have finally switched my productivity button to “on,” and I am so ready to keep creating! I’ve learned a lot already about filming and recording, not to mention actual singing. I can finally apply all of my knowledge and put myself out there, which is really exciting. I cannot wait to see where this goes and to keep posting my passion on the web.
I have to admit, it was really quite daunting pressing the upload button on my first video. The thought of something I’ve created, showcased and put work into onto the internet for anyone to see was overwhelming, and not something I’ve experienced thus far. However, the whole point of this project is to gain expertise and step out of your comfort zone, and that’s exactly what I’m doing! I had such a great time making this videos, and am excited to keep improving.
I’ve even auditioned for a local talent show last week! A girl who attends Port Moody Secondary messaged me on Facebook saying she saw my covers online, loved them, and wanted me to attend a talent show that she was hosting! It was amazing to see how someone I don’t even know personally found my videos, saw potential in me, and wanted me to take action. This has been a huge milestone for me, in terms of in-depth and just personal growth.


My mentoring sessions have been going really well! We meet every Tuesday from 4:45-5:15 in person at her house for private singing lessons. During the week if she or I have any questions or concerns, we email each other and keep in touch that way.

I think our mentoring sessions work really well because she is a very experienced person, and knows almost all there is to know about singing. We get along very well, and she has been an amazing teacher so far. We keep up our mutual #1 value of communication, always letting each other know how we’re feeling and what we can do to improve. Of course, since she is the mentor in this relationship, she is doing more of the critiquing and directing. I still let her know how I’m feeling, where I’m at, and also any singing related things that I’ve been doing outside of classes. She’s seen my YouTube channel and is very proud of me! It’s nice to know she sees this as more than just a typical teacher-student relationship, and that she is comfortable with talking about other things going on in my life and supporting me through it.

There haven’t been many relationship challenges as of yet, everything has been going pretty smooth as of yet. We always make sure to communicate with each other, talking in and out of lessons about how I think I’m doing and how she thinks I’m doing. That was the first thing we addressed in our first meeting, and we’ve been sticking to it. We both agree that communication is one of the most important things in ANY relationship, and have made it our foundation. We are very open in how we feel, as she wants these lessons to be a very safe and comfortable environment. She has made me comfortable enough for me to really express how I feel about my progress, and where I want to get to in the future. When I struggle in singing a particular song, I tell her, and we take it at a slower pace. Really listening to each other is also incredibly important, as singing is a skill that takes patience and observation. There is no set way to sing a note, but I need to let her words guide me and do the best I can. She has commended me on how well I follow direction and how I can also figure out things myself.

Some learning challenges have emerged, as I have never taken singing lessons before. It’s been brought up a few times about how I have “choir tendencies,” as she calls them. I’ve picked up habits from being in the choir, which don’t work so well in singing lessons. I tend to higher my chin, over-enunciate words, and stand in choir posture. She’s guided me to getting out of those habits, but it has definitely been a challenge to change them! She understands this though, and we are easing into changing those habits. It’s been difficult, but I always love a challenge! She makes sure that I practice my warm ups and assigned song outside of the lesson, so we can dive right in at the next lesson. I always audio record the entire lesson on my phone, so I can hear the advice she gives me and use them as reference when doing my warm ups. I am accountable for my own progress, and she is aware of that. My speed of learning depends on me.

As I have said before, we definitely communicate as much as we can. However, since they are only half-hour classes and she is a very busy person, I have exactly that amount of time to talk about anything with her that isn’t 100% related to singing and technique. These are legitimate lessons, so we do spend all the half hour doing singing techniques. It’s hard fitting in everything you need into half an hour, but sacrifices have to be made. I let her know when I have something to talk to her about at the beginning of class, and then she chops a few minutes off the lesson so we can talk at the end. I get a shorter lesson, but it is worth it and necessary to keep up effective communication.


All in all, it’s been a great journey so far! I think I have finally adjusted to this new, more singing-cantered life of mine. Whenever I have free time, I’m either writing or singing/working on music! I’ve gotten into the routine of coming back from singing lessons, practicing warm ups, and repeating daily. I have gotten the hang of my camera and microphone, and know how to edit my videos well. The road ahead looks very promising!