Our socials final was basically one last wrap up, one last statement – our story.

I didn’t want to have a super structured presentation with exact points laid out, I wanted “flow.” And with flow comes rap, no?
Well… probably not the most normal thought process, but I did it anyway!
Since it’s a rap, I covered a lot of points really fast, but I did make it a point to hit everything I needed to. I mentioned all four of the big ideas and intertwined them with content, and curricular competencies were kind of scattered. In fact, my rap started out talking about a curricular competency. I really wanted to show my learning in an unconventional way (because TALONS allows for creative freedom, so why not take advantage of that?), and rap/poetry/speaking is something I’m really passionate about and am always trying to improve on. It was a win win!

Here is the final rap:


I’ve got this passion for learning, and it just can’t stop burning
The wheels in my head keep turning every time themes are returning
I like to pick up patterns, try to leave my thoughts un-scattered
And I guess the picked up patterns try to lead us to what matters
But before you get there, try to find how and where
How did you give a care about something lacking flair
Where’s your evidence? C’mon gain some common sense
No don’t put up your defence I’m not trying to make this tense
But I know you didn’t jump straight from Antoinette to world’s regret
Yeah I know your mind is wonderful, but this is all a pocketful
A pocketful of Irish bull if you don’t show us evidence
It’s not about you, yeah that I can confirm
I’ve been working on this evidence since like, last term!
I think I’m doing well, trying to break my own shell
Taking notes with quad-mate’s quotes
Tracking my ideas, yeah whatever floats my boat
Tell me, tell you, tell us what you thought
To map out your ideas you’ve gotta make a plot
Plotting out your train of thought, rebounding like a bank shot
You’ve gotta keep digging till you hit your soft spot
Because this is your story, your glory, your laboratory
This ain’t about Columbus make it your territory
Claiming a land he never owned in the first place
Assuming power just because they got a dark face
In 1492 Columbus made his own disparities
Never seeing humanity’s real similarities
Was his giant egotism worth colonialism?
To this day, people still call them “Indians”
Completely disregarding the hundreds and millions
Of people populating, patterns are migrating
What we see is what we are, and actions take us far
Physical environment definitely plays a role
The French townspeople felt the black hole
Watching royals sit in the palace of Versailles
Their biggest problems, drinking wine, like no, buh-bye
Balance started shifting and ideas started spreading
“Age of Enlightenment” became the new heading
This just proves people crave the revolution
Once we start, we gotta find our own solution
Step 1 emergence, step 2 coalescence
Going to extreme measures just to feel our own presence
Step 3 is bureaucratization
Driving the slave revolt all the while being Haitian
Ignoring the causation, I can’t stand this damn-nation
Speaking of which, I gotta talk citation
Ask questions, gather, interpret and analyze
Without this it’s like gambling on snake eyes
The why’s, how’s, what’s behind final conceptions
Can work towards changing others people’s perceptions
With every discussion comes new branching stories
And its the story behind the story that make up my inventories
This is what came out of my eminent person
With every new question asked I re-learned the lesson
That you can never be small if you have flair like Mary Blair
All these current inspirations invoking thoughts that make us care,
Setting off revelations everywhere
And this is where you and I come in
What has socials made us ready to begin?
We’ve got to assess our own significance,
If we ever have hopes of achieving brilliance
I’ve been doing it my whole life, but never out of strife
Now I know where to channel it, I know what’s in my tool kit
Through this course alone, I’ve learned who I am
Assessing myself, no need of an exam
From teacher-less discussions to unforeseen repercussions
I’ve been thinking about thinking and I can’t stop the linking
Of ideas, and thoughts, and wonders, and wishes
Going with the flow, feel like I’m swimming with the fishes
We’re going, we’re knowing, we’re showing and we’re growing
Playing devil’s advocate then my mind is overflowing
And when it’s filled to the brim thats how you know for certain
The collective class identity’s been made, so pull the curtain


Thank you, Mr Jackson, for everything this semester! I learned more than I ever thought I could (about the world’s history, the world’s future, myself, and life in general) in one course, especially Social Studies. This has left me excited for next year!