It’s a new year, and a new chance to pursue your passion, or spark interest in a new one!
For my in-depth project, I will be focusing on singing.

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This isn’t something entirely new for me. I’ve had a passion for singing for many years now! Yet I’d really love to take my love for singing further, and that’s where in-depth comes in. When I heard about the in-depth project, it didn’t take me very long at all to choose singing, because it’s such a great opportunity to start getting more into singing. I am in choir and sing very regularly, but I have never taken singing lessons before. Apart from the basics, like holding a tune and staying on pitch, I have no real “technique.” Singing is something I enjoy so much, and may actually get serious about in the future, so I thought it would be perfect to do it for in-depth. I’m excited to sharpen my singing skills and be able to sing my favourite songs with ease!

I am starting singing lessons next Tuesday, the 26th, and I could not be more thrilled! They will happen every Tuesday, from 5:15-5:45. I have no idea what to expect, but I know it’s going to be great. My singing teacher will act as my mentor, and she (Angie Sawyer) was actually recommended to me by Mr Trovato! He said that she would “suit me” and that I would have a good time with her. She seems very kind and willing to help, so this should be fun and a great way to learn!

Angie will be a huge help, as she is a professional and knows most everything there is to know about singing. She will be a great resource to learn from and get feedback from, and her acting as my guide will help this project go by very smoothly. Between every half an hour lesson, I will apply the skills I learned from my mentor and practice regularly during the week. I am aiming to upload every couple of weeks or so. Since I haven’t had my first lesson with her yet, I’ve jumpstarted right into the project and done as much as I can so far! I’ve already revamped my YouTube channel, which you can find here. I’ve also started picking out the songs I may cover during the course of in–depth.

I will also be showing my progress through YouTube! Although my in-depth topic is singing, and that’s what my mentor will be helping me with, I will be incorporating YouTube into it. It isn’t my focus at all, but I’ve always wanted to make a channel! If I’m doing singing anyway, and can show my learning through it, why not? It’s how I’ll keep track of my progress, see my improvement, and make sure I keep practicing! I hope to have at least 7 videos on my YouTube channel by the end of the project, and hopefully I’ll gain a few subscribers too! YouTube is also a great way to put myself out there and gain confidence, a great bonus to this project.

I’m extremely exhilarated for what’s to come, and what the near future holds for me. From learning applicable singing skills (range, projection, knowledge about theory, vibrato, smoothness, clarity) and showcasing myself on YouTube, in-depth is looking like a really promising project! When May 30th rolls up, I hope to be able to perform one of my favourite songs confidently and well, hitting every note almost perfectly.

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Through this entire experience, I hope to gain skill and confidence. I couldn’t’ ask for anything more, as pursuing this passion is a dream come true in itself. Expressing myself is what I love to do most, and that’s such a huge part of in-depth. I can’t wait to see how everyone grows, learns and creates through this project!