For my final address as Robespierre, I decided to create a rap conveying all my feelings and observations towards the French Revolution! Monarchy fell, what the King and Queen did was awful, What did was awful, but “death is the commencement of immortality.” That’s an actual quote from Robespierre! The words said in my final address were spoken moments before Robespierre gets executed.


Here I stand, about to face my final moments,
I guess my admiration lay too much with the Romans.
This humble citizen of France only wanted to make a change
But after my actions, some would call me deranged
I got out of hand, fought fire with fire
I had no chill, now I’m about to expire
Fighting for the people, that was the role I chose
I thought in this world of tyranny, anything goes
A public prosecutor, a driven spokesperson
After the monarchs fled, not much could worsen
Yet the troops came and caused the Champs de Mars massacre
Cut off the head of the driver and the passenger
January 21st, 1793
A big day in history in the city of Paris
The big blade dropped
The King’s head chopped
Monarchy went ahead and, just popped
No I can’t say much to excuse the reign of terror
An execution with no trial, I don’t get a writ of error
I admit, my guillotine wasn’t the best morally
Here I face my own creation ready to kill Oh, the irony
Yet I know deep down, death is not an eternal sleep
So though this may be hard, no tears I shall weep
Although subjective is the use of impartiality
Death is the commencement of immortality


This unit was so much fun, and Robespierre was definitely an interesting character to play!