Now, are you satisfied with the state of our nation right now? If a royalist is currently reading this, you most likely are. Although I don’t quite know why you would be reading this, don’t you have wine to drink and ignorance to practice?

Anyway, there is no sense in beating around the bush. I think our society is in desperate and urgent need of change! There’s no argument here: Our society gets closer to crumbling everyday.
Citizens quarrelling amongst one another, people starving and unable to take care of their children, what has happened to us?!

Actually, who happened to us is more fitting. I’ll tell you who – those royals, currently sitting upon their golden throne. I simply need them to realize that without us, all of us, they would have nothing to rule – they would have nothing without us. Yet they take us for granted, and act as if we are nothing but mere toys in their grand scheme of luxury, and they can do with us whatever they please.

But I shall not let it go on this way, we need change! In fact, we need a democracy – a direct democracy. The people of this nation can have an influence in what goes on if we really apply ourselves. We need to stand together and make a change! We can fight to have a say.
We cannot go on like this much longer, if we want change it is solely up to us.

As a lawyer who passionately represents the poorer people of this society, I am willing to fight for the people who have grown up learning they have no real use in this world, that they live to serve those “higher” above them. It is simply untrue. The notion of equality is something that is necessary to be understood if we would ever like to see a difference in this system. It is saddening to see people denying equality and calling it impractical. The fact that some people have more importance than others has been ingrained into their minds so wrongly. God created us equal and intended for it to stay that way, why did we morph that into something else? Why are the royals so adamant in staying ignorant and letting their own people continue like this?

This is why we need to make a change, together. The people can hold the power, and I want the royalists to realize that. We have that power within our reach, we just have to strive for it! Are you with me?!