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December 2015

ZIP DoL – The Process of Poetry

Now, the process of poetry is not a simple one. There are no directions – you’ve got to find your own. When I did slam poetry for my ZAP project, it definitely had its obstacles! Yet the process became so different… Continue Reading →

She Was Born to be a Teacher – Leadership Interview

The numbers in brackets [e.g. (0:25)], are the times in the interview. In the embedded SoundCloud player, you can click on that time frame and listen to what I was referring to.   For this leadership project, I decided to… Continue Reading →

Robespierre’s Journey Through the French Revolution – Storify

Here’s my “storified” journey through the French Revolution through tweets! Robespierre was an interesting character to play. I agreed with his notions of equality and fighting for the people when he first got involved, but patience slipped away from him… Continue Reading →


For my final address as Robespierre, I decided to create a rap conveying all my feelings and observations towards the French Revolution! Monarchy fell, what the King and Queen did was awful, What I did was awful, but “death is the commencement… Continue Reading →

Shaping the Nation ~Robespierre

July 30, 1791 It is more evident than ever that there is something very wrong with this country when the monarchs themselves attempt to flee. Attempted unsuccessfully, that is. It was then I declared myself neither monarchist nor republican at the Jacobin Club…. Continue Reading →

This Country Needs Change! ~Robespierre

Now, are you satisfied with the state of our nation right now? If a royalist is currently reading this, you most likely are. Although I don’t quite know why you would be reading this, don’t you have wine to drink and ignorance… Continue Reading →

TALONS is an Emerging Society (Socials Midterm)

Hey guys! Below you’ll find my Socials Midterm, in the form of a video. Hope you enjoy  

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