To sum up all that I experienced during Night of the Notables is not an easy task, but I’ll go ahead and try anyway!

Let’s begin at the beginning. The end of the school day, but only the beginning of NotN.

3:10 – As the bell rings, it’s time to meet in room 204. We went over the plan for the rest of the day and how we were going to make it amazing! Cue pep talk, and off we went!

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3:20 – We head off to the MPR to get tables, chairs, make sure all the tech upstairs is working, etc. Here’s where my part as project manager came in, as I was personally in charge of set up and welcome tables! I wanted to make sure I was able to keep my group informed and get everything done as efficiently as possible. Apart from a few mix ups with tables, I think it went pretty well! Being a project manager was a little intimidating, but going over our responsibilities with James and Rachael beforehand really helped.

3:50 – Here’s where the real fun begins – setting up our learning centres! The dreaded moment was finally here, setting up our learning centres for the first and last time in the school. After gathering all the supplies I needed, I dove in straight away and began setting up my “mini South America,” but more on that later. I’d like to give a special thanks to Alan & Vanessa for helping me get the “grass” and “water” plastered down to the floor, it really sped the process up! :)

5:00 – After that huge chunk of fun but still stressful time, it was time for a little break – PIZZA! It was nice to talk to all my friends about what just went happened, and the excitement for what was about to come!

5:30 – After a mere half an hour of break time, it was time to get back into the game! This was when we got all the food & drink set up, as well as making sure the welcome tables were ready to go with RSVP lists and Gr 9 name tags.


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7:00 – The masterpieces that are the Gr 10 speeches had begun, and every single one blew me away. I was right near the front of the MPR, with all their speeches in my hand, ready to cue them in case stage fright got to them! It was a bit of pressure being up there, but I was so glad I could help.

8:00 – Speeches are over and its our time to shine! I rushed to my learning centre to make sure everything was perfect, and waited for my first visitor…
It ended up going very well, and it was amazing to have so many different people take a step into the world of Mary Blair!

9:30 – In what seemed like a few minutes, but was really more than an hour, it was time to start cleaning up. It hadn’t hit me that Night of the Notables, what we’d been working towards for so long, was over. I could only think about getting tables back to rooms, things I borrowed back to people, and just making sure take down went well.

10:15 – Here’s when it hit me. Night of the Notables, what we’d been working towards for so long, was over! And it went extremely well, if I do say so myself. I was so proud of everyone for working so hard and making the night such a success. We had our cute little closing circle and it was time to go home.
After 7 hours of setting up, participating, and taking down, WE. DID. IT.

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And that’s how it all went down! Phew. It was a rollercoaster of emotions.
After knowing how hard the Gr 10’s had worked, seeing them up there performing their heart out was awe-inspiring. When they all took a bow, hand in hand, it truly was touching.

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Night of the Notables was an event filled with the magical results of hard work.
From presenting my speech, being a project manager and and conducting my learning centre, I was proud to be a part of this amazing night. I’ll never forget the aura that surrounded NotN, and how supportive everyone was of each other.
Now that I’ve got a better idea of what the eminent project is really all about, and I can’t wait for next year! I know how to improve on the skills I put to practice, and can’t wait to do that through the course of the year to make next year’s eminent project even better.
With projects like these, I’ve learned it’s really up to you and only you to make it a success. You should know your eminent person better than anyone, and the way you choose to portray that will determine how well you do. Know that it’s okay to think outside of the box, and the journey is just as important as the destination!
I’ll be able to push myself in terms of speaking, presenting and people skills (because of the learning centre), so reliving the entire night next year is something I’ll look forward to!