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November 2015

Mary Blair’s World in a Locker Bay

For me, learning centres were the most daunting part about the eminent project! Before I even began writing my speech, the thought of having to make a learning centre was looming over my head like a rainy cloud. Yet, like most… Continue Reading →

The Magic of Night of the Notables

To sum up all that I experienced during Night of the Notables is not an easy task, but I’ll go ahead and try anyway! Let’s begin at the beginning. The end of the school day, but only the beginning of… Continue Reading →


Here’s an overview of the sources I used that proved to be very beneficial to my study on Mary Blair: Walt Disney and Animation Artists in South America – 1941 by Alain Littaye (Online Article/Photo Collection) Alain, Alain. “Walt Disney and… Continue Reading →

My Interview with Joe Campione

At the beginning of this project, I didn’t think the interview was going to be all that helpful. I. WAS. WRONG. It helped loads! A lot of the information I got from it ended up being implemented into my speech, and even… Continue Reading →

The Gruelling Yet Rewarding Process of Speech Writing

Ah, speeches. Some of us love them, some of us hate them, but we can all agree that writing them is quite the arduous process. Let’s back up to the beginning of the month, when I hadn’t even written my speech… Continue Reading →

DoL – The Pursuit of the Eminent Project

It’s November 11th, 10:33PM. Hate to break it to you, but Night of the Notables is in a week. In a week’s time, a weight will be lifted off all of our shoulders, for Night of the Notables will be… Continue Reading →

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