I had an amazing time yesterday on our field trip to Downtown Vancouver! Taking in the city was
eye-opening and utterly inspiring.

I learned more than I thought I would, but what I actually ended up learning was quite different than what I expected I would learn. I thought I would come back from the field trip with more information about my eminent person and a better of idea of who they were, but turns someone checked out the book I was looking for that very same day! Unfortunate, but hey, life happens.

All rights reserved to Disney - http://giphy.com/gifs/reaction-ariel-fed-up-D5TtGiL9d0idy

All rights reserved to Disney – http://giphy.com/gifs/reaction-ariel-fed-up-D5TtGiL9d0idy

What I did end up learning, however, was something I didn’t expect at all. I learned how to observe, how to take things in, how to just take a step back and detach from the world for a bit. We’re all so caught up in our busy lives, but you can really gain some perspective if you just take the time to look instead of do. You notice things you never have before, and you realize what a wonderful place this city is. I enjoyed the urban solo a lot more than I thought I would, and it really gave me some good time to take in my surroundings. It almost seemed like…. a whole new world, or a new fantastic point of view.


All rights reserved to Disney – http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/File:Aladdin_-_A_Whole_New_World_(2).gif

After returning from the trip, the dominant impression that stuck out to me was the aura of inspiration and contentment. Although I didn’t gain much inspiration or information about my particular eminent person, I still came back feeling inspired and motivated. Taking time to step back and observe really did fill me with inspiration and curiosity about the world in general, and made me motivated to do whatever I wanted to. Cheesy, I know, but it’s true. I didn’t expect the urban solo to do so much for me or be the highlight of my trip, but it’s funny how things end up working out. It just made be so happy and satisfied with the world that I am a part of, the world that I can make a difference in.

Although I may not have come back with too much information about my eminent person or project, I am now inspired to do it. Inspiration is an odd thing, really. It can come from nowhere and in turn, be everywhere. It can sprout from the smallest thing and end up being one of the biggest things in your life. It can hit you like a truck, but you’ve never been more thankful to a truck for hitting you. Being in the downtown aura somehow showed me that everyones lives are busy and everyone has their own things to get done, and there’s no excuse for me to procrastinate. One of my big goals was to banish procrastination from my life, and hopefully this project will be a wake up call that I really need to get things done. I even bought this gigantic book from the bookstore all about graphic design, which, funnily enough, relates to the in-depth project I have in mind! Walking into that bookstore was like walking into heaven on earth, I could honestly have spent an entire day just there.

All rights reserved to Disney - http://seriouslysarah.net/2015/02/10-book-related-problems/

All rights reserved to Disney – http://seriouslysarah.net/2015/02/10-book-related-problems/

During the urban solo, I wrote a journal entry filled with words that just came to me while I sat there and took in my surroundings.

Taking in the city fills me with somber. Everyone has their own lives to live and places to go. In the heart of the city, when you take the time to just observe, it makes you realize just how many people this city is a home to, and what it means to you to be one of those people. Every car that drives by, every footstep that walks past, every door that opens and shuts is another person, just trying to make in the crazy hustle. This city is alive, not just personified. Every building she bears is placed on the lanes (and streets, and avenues, and boulevards) to her soul, and you can hear her speaking if you listen close enough. For past the revving engines, past the chatter, you can just make out her murmurs buried within the cracks of the road. She’s got some interesting things to say, too.

Throughout the trip, I tried capturing the day as much as I can. It slipped my mind so often though, I was just so caught up in what I was seeing and doing!

All in all, I had a marvellous time getting lost in books and falling in love with the city I live in all over again.