Now, after reading a couple articles and watching a few videos, I have acquired a very basic understanding of the English Civil War. An aspect that always seems to be correlated into historic events, and one that interests me greatly, is the influence, unity and/or conflict that religion creates.

Religion has always been a very prominent factor is how society develops and the conflicts that arise. It always seems to be something people held very important, at least in historic times. However, some people *cough Columbus cough* may use religion as a means of justification to wrongfully right their wrongs – and that’s when it starts to get complicated.
Religion is not quite the same for everyone, as everyone has their own involvement and interpretations around it. It is something that I am very interested in, and love to explore so I can find bigger meanings in how it shapes society, how it shapes history, and how it shapes us. I am always interested in how something with the purpose to unify humanity ends up dividing us more often than not.

Some of the questions I had were:

  • How were politics and religion related?
  • If Catholics and Protestants are both branches of christianity and members of both sects ultimately praise God and work towards a salvaged soul, why were they so against each other?
  • Did being a good member of society mean being a good Christian, and vice versa?
  • Was your social being defined by your religious being?
  • Would literal, physical separation between England/Scotland and Ireland have made more peace? 

These questions can also be looked at through today’s age to observe changes and developments, which can turn into more provocative questions like:

  • What is the difference in role of religion then vs now?
  • Was religion the base of a good society and societal members because they didn’t have anything else to base it off of?
  • How has superiority and values changed in society overtime?

In the time of King Charles I’s rule, politics and religion were very closely related. In fact, disobeying the will of God was like disobeying the law. Religion was a major foundation for the functionality of societal issues in general, and was a high held value to everyone.
Nowadays, religion (though still very important to some) isn’t as prominent in government – some people aren’t even religious, which would be unheard of back then. We have more freedom in today’s world, and whether that is a good thing or a bad thing is subjective, though I believe each person should be able to believe what they want without an issue.
We now have other values and things to base a good society off and focus on, other than how exactly you follow the will of God. We focus more on our individuality and are open to the idea that unique individuals can come together to form a society instead of having everyone follow the same religion and practice the same things, each having a very similar identity.

Religion is a very broad topic and has a place in almost everything we can study in Socials, as it is a part of everyone’s identity. The roots of religion grow deeper than most topics, and are very closely related to all aspects of historic events. Understanding people’s view of religion and religion’s role in the world as a whole can better our understanding in how and why certain events happened and how religion will stay with us.
If we delve deeper into these questions, we can reflect and examine how our world has change and what really matters in todays day and change. How has it changed since the time of the English Civil War? How come some places still have wars over religion? What has made us change our ways and why? How do we predict society will carry on?
Even trying to answer these questions without coming up with a definite one, can be beneficial. Giving thought to the world we live in today can really make you appreciate the freedom we have, or, on the contrary, can inspire you to make a change.
And that’s how history really moves on anyway, isn’t it?

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.
~Robin Williams