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Uploaded Original Song!

Here is my third and final video upleaded for this year’s In Depth Project! This is an entirely acoustic version, so it will be interesting to observe the contrast between this and my live  version performed tomrorow!  

It Is One Of The Calmest Days

It is one of the calmest days Sea rolls by Memories raised to honour with a different purpose. The chief is an imposing structure, Closely following the contours of the shore toward the open sea. More than an idea Look inside… Continue Reading →

Conception & Alternation – In-Depth 2017 #6 (Week 11/12)

I’ve had two singing lessons since my last post, and I am loving where this path is taking my mentor and I! We’ve worked on two songs since, both focusing on completely different aspects of singing (which is great relating… Continue Reading →

Minority Status – Then And Now

How Did I Get Here? When told we would be exploring a topic of choice related to confederation, no sudden epiphany struck me right then and there. It has taken careful thought to arrive where I am now with this… Continue Reading →

Conversation & Application – In-Depth 2017 #5 (Week 8/9/10)

First In-Depth check in since before spring break! Over spring break, there were actually no singing lessons as the first week I was in Disneyworld and the second week was a week off at Tom Lee. I will resume my… Continue Reading →

Movement in the Right Direction ~John A. Macdonald

September 9, 1864 Things are finally moving. The first conference on confederation has wrapped up just today, in a quaint place called Charlottetown. George E. and I let them have their fun on the first day – putting names to faces, mindlessly… Continue Reading →

Listening, Embracing, Inquiring – In-Depth 2017 #4 (Week 6/7)

Since last post, I’ve had two singing lessons where I have made lots of progress, attended songwriting workshops, and recorded the main melody and ukulele accompaniment for an upcoming cover even though I wasn’t able to post one in February…. Continue Reading →

No Time To Lose ~John A. Macdonald

March 29, 1850 Isabella’s ill – very ill. This didn’t stop her from creating another human, however. His name is Hugh, but I can’t help but feel like he was born out of fear. I still miss John. I haven’t been seeing much… Continue Reading →

Précis: The Viewpoints of 1812

The British View the War of 1812 Quite Differently Than Americans Do This article by Amanda Foreman poses an interesting perspective on how history is different depending on who is telling the story – one of the big ideas I… Continue Reading →

Connecting and Responding – In-Depth 2017 #3 (Week 4/5)

Things are finally getting into motion! My first singing lesson went incredibly well, and has gotten me excited for the course of this project … as well as beyond! I had met my mentor briefly before as stated in my last… Continue Reading →

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